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I have been a graphic designer and creator for over 15 years, I am passionate about taking inspiration from the natural world as well as man-made environments and translating it into unique visual designs.

In addition to surface pattern design, I also build websites using Squarespace at, I also am experienced in logo design and branding.


I was born and raised in Charlotte N.C. and moved to Greensboro N.C. for university, where I studied interior architecture and graphic design. Shortly after graduation, I moved to India and have been living in Bangalore for over 10 years!

I am really into tea, if you know how to properly brew an aged raw puer, gong fu style, in a gaiwan, then you know what I mean by really into tea. But a good bubble tea can also work!

I love to travel and explore new places with my wife and our son, and indulge in the local delicacies!

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University Of North Carolina at Greensboro

B.F.A. in Design

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